Invest in “Farm New”, “Organic”, and In the Farm Fruits and Greens – The Pit Falls Where They May

Funny someone should be writing about this and selling on the internet at the same time, isn’t it? I mean, why go to all that trouble? Well, because legitimate farms such as ours suffer from negative reputations created by fly-by-night outfits.

And why would I write it today? Because today I had to get a cease a desist for someone who set up one of these fake farms, likely are using our customer list and even a franchise name illegally. One down, a hundred to go.

So let’s discuss the fruit brokers first although dairy farm residences showflat there are three less than legitimate categories:

1. A person who creates a website which looks like a farm because it has the word FARM in the website name, or FARM FRESH.

What you won’t find is an address which matches up to a place which look remotely like a farm on Google Maps. Or it will be a PO Box (rare as this is really stupid) – or you will find NO ADDRESS AT ALL.

If they are using someone elses address which is a farm, you have to track the phone number, too. Or go to and track their domain name owner. It will show who it’s registered to – by name – which gives other leads to sleuth out. It’s actually quite easy once you’ve done it a time or two.

Why is this important? I mean, all you really want is cheap fruit? Well, buyers are more sophisticated today and the Vegan and Organic movement is very large in this country. Also, large organizations such as Slow Foods need legitimate places to shop nationally for members.

So, now you are on probably the worst of the websites you could think of – a fake farm. So where are they getting their fruit? I know this next section is going really shake your faith in online, cheap fruit – even expensive fruit – but there are a number of ways these fake farms procure fruit.

1. Out of backyards from neighbors – so you better not be ordering and paying for “organic” as no resident can grow organic that is verifiable. This includes just harvesting off an overhanging limb in an alley – to offering to buy the fruit and resell it to you. Better wash your fruit off REAL WELL.

2. Speaking of washing your fruit off REAL WELL. Fruit is often removed from orchards illegally. In the old pre-Politically Correct days this was known as STEALING and OUTRIGHT THIEVERY. These procurements are commonly done by what we call, “meth addicts” looking to sell their fruit for their next fix. Some of these low level rings have some organization to them. They “carry”, not information about healing or self-help, but weapons – like ice picks and short lengths of chains with bundles of locks attached (for breaking into cars etc). That’s Fake Farm Fruit Underground Marketplace in part: Fake Farm, Fake organic, stolen fruit – or fruit from unsanitary environments harvested by god-knows-who. It’s the unvarnished truth about fake farms and “brokers” who can make a website and close it down once its discovered. There is no government oversite whatsoever, so you are on your own. Or rather, real farms such as us, are on our own.

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